Earth Sista is an Australian owned business that began as a passion for natural products and has evolved into an exciting range of pure essential oils and other aromatherapy-based products.



I began looking at natural alternatives to chemical-based cosmetics after I stopped smoking many years ago and I spent hours creating moisturisers, face creams and any other natural skin care product I could think of in my kitchen.

It was this through learning, experimenting and reading that I found aromatherapy and essential oils and it changed my life completely. Essential oils transported me to a place of joy and happiness, a place where I felt loved and in control and they helped my self-worth and confidence to follow my passion (not to mention helping when I had a cut, cold or stomach ache).

In 2016 I decided to formalise my passion for aromatherapy and I completed a Diploma of Clinical Aromatherapy to gain a better understanding of how essential oils work and how I could use them in my daily life.

Using my new skills and my love of natural products, I took my natural skin care range to different markets to sell and the feedback was amazing. One thing people kept asking me for was good quality pure essential oils and that got me thinking about what I could do to provide my customers with high quality pure essential oils and voila Earth Sista Pure Essential Oils was born.


Earth Sista is passionate about providing the highest quality pure essential oils, supporting Australian growers and distributors and educating people about the amazing benefits of aromatherapy.

Our aim is to inspire people with aromatherapy, to support Australian business’s and to share aromatherapy with the world.

Our mission is to change the way people think about aromatherapy one bottle at a time.

With love and fragrant blessings

 – Earth Sista –